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Investors are Bullish Big Time on this Promising Metaverse Project

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Investors are Bullish Big Time on this Promising Metaverse Project

January 20
21:55 2022

Clearly, 2022 will be the year when metaverse projects will be closely monitored by bullish investors. A prominent blockchain game, developed using the futuristic Ethereum technology, is experiencing extreme bullish involvement currently, with NearPad willing to invest heavily in the MMORPG game. Envisaging features such as DAO, the platform will provide a truly decentralized gaming experience, with the community at its very center. will incorporate five different classes, with players selecting between them and engaging in fights for glory and dominance over the remaining players. Paladins, Tanks, Assassins, Sharpshooters, and Mages are currently being developed with each class having different abilities and skills, used to tackle down and null the health of the opponent, who dares to dispute your supremacy. Each of these has its own history, which is tied to the overall magic world of Mastering a single class and abusing its strengths will prove to bring players various prizes in the form of SRV tokens – the native token in the game, items, chests, and leadership points, which will bring even more prizes. This P2E (Play-to-earn) is a natural continuation of the classics, such as Diablo 2, WoW, Dungeon Siege, but with a slight twist, when it comes to actually earning value for spending your time in front of the PC.

The already established gaming studios also want to get a piece of the pie, with Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot referring to the blockchain gaming industry as a “revolution” in November 2021 and indicating that they “want to be one of the key players.”

What this means for the whole industry is that there will be a plethora of blockchain games that will be issued much like a books’ printing house. An issue, which we have already located looking into the variety is that these games do not have very specific features of their own, but rather one and the same mechanic disguised in a different element. While this brings ahead “new games”, they are simply a copy of a copy of a copy, without introducing a new element, feature, idea., on the other hand, combines elements of some of the leading games, such as 1v1 and 5v5 turn-based fights, Drafting modes, Dungeons, Tournaments, and more. This is what keeps the interest of investors even in times when the market is “bleeding” – innovation is sure to keep interest despite BTC value dropping below the $40,000 mark since reaching the ATH last year.

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