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Funny Brothers New TV Show 2021

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Funny Brothers New TV Show 2021

April 12
14:11 2021

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Funny Brothers Watch Here –

Shalom Kolontarov wrote another show. This is his third show that he is working on. His first show was The Shalom and Loir Show. Who he wrote for the first 12 episodes after his younger brother Lior Kolontarov took over and wrote the rest of the show? The first season had 25 episodes. And 26 different female’s actresses. Shalom wanted to continue the show but his brother Lior Kolontarov refused to make season two, but the show got nominated twice.

Shalom said ok lets make anther show with his brother Lior Kolontarov. It was called Vunny Vlogs was not that really great but extremely funny. After 5 years of break Shalom was working in other projects mostly short films. After five years Shalom ended up appearing on a Netflix show I think you should leave with Tim Robinson. Season 2 episode 1 will be aired this year 2021 on Netflix. He was playing the Funny Brothers as his other brother Yakov Kolontarov came up with another show idea and he said let’s name it Funny Brothers.

Shalom Kolontarov quickly took his brothers idea and wrote episode 1 which got massive audience views across Tik Tok. Now Shalom and Yakov Kolontarov are taking comedy to the next level. Will be lots of Comedy, Horror, Action, Sci, Fi, Thriller in one show.

You can watch it here

Behind Set with Shalom Kolontarov, Yakov Kolontarov, Michelle Nagy, Ronnie Cowan

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Media Contact
Company Name: Kolontarov Brothers Production
Contact Person: Shalom Kolontarov
Email: Send Email
Phone: 13474758955
Country: United States

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