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Kimmie B – A professional Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur

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Kimmie B – A professional Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur

July 12
20:25 2021

Kimmie B or Kimberly Burrell-Johnson is a well-known name in New Orleans where she was born and raised. She has various professions, but the one that brought her to the eyes of many is her online beauty store and her dedicated devotion to hairstyling. She has twenty-one years of experience in the beauty industry specializing in healthy hair care, hair coloring, and hair cutting. She indeed believes in the fact that how individuals style their hair give them an identity. Well, most people will disagree to agree, but she got ideas with all hairstyles. She followed her passion, and she is a salon manager at Silk Me Kids Salon for the past two years.


Kimmie B is a professional hairstylist. She is passionate about her craft and can be able to transform anyone with her innovative hairstyles. She does haircuts for men and women, hair touch-ups, hair coloring, partial hair highlights, and hair extension highlights. In the haircut session, one can consult, which does not cost a penny. Later anyone can have the blow-dry, styling with flat-curling iron, a pure haircut, thermal press, child haircut, straightening, relaxer, treatment of hair, and perm services.

Everyone can enjoy the services offered by the stylist at consumer-friendly prices and keep coming over and over again. She showcases some of her designs on Instagram where everyone can check out various aspects of her hairstyling. Everyone can go over to her account where they can see the hottest hair extensions, with custom coloring. Everyone can see some of the hairstyles of her happy customers.

She can contacted when someone needs a good hairstyling for a photoshoot or even for the prom. Everyone will be astounded by the styling and great work done on her customers.  While on Instagram, everyone can also view another great range of hair locks by Kimmie B, Pretty-little locks. Pretty little locks have some of the most beautiful and highly customizable hair extensions. Shoppers can buy from the store at wholesale prices to transform their look.

Styling for Film

Kimmie’s raw talent is simply out of this world.  The 21 years of hair styling have resulted in her working for a number of movies and commercials in hairstyling. Her work is outstanding and continues to attract fans and make headways in the film industry. She styled big names on the set-in films like Antebellum, The Ravine and the Roots, to name a few. Kimmie B is an all-around lady who takes life as it is and utilizes every opportunity to have the best from it.

Her hairstyling has been immortalized in the films as of exceptional quality and like all other film creative has led to trends of people copying her work. Everyone can look forward to a simple dry or hairstyling or even a professional recommendation of hair products that work with their hair by visiting her salon or her online shops to purchase hair products that meet their tastes and preferences. Whenever anyone is in doubt about which style truly meets the occasion they are preparing for, no need to be shy to follow her on social media and interact with her to get a professional opinion on what truly suits the occasion.

Kimmie’s hairstyling is truly exceptional and will continue improving with each project she touches. Her experience and creativity cannot be tossed around that is why the creme de la creme of society and the rest of the world is willing to try on her products and hair styling services.

Kimmie B gave most of her shots in the hair businesses. She has diversified from time to time raising many businesses from scratch and experiencing success at each turn. Her work has been truly remarkable and only time can tell where she will be years from now. But an educated guess can show that she is growing and succeeding in every avenue.

Some of her success can be seen in her determination to do more and to do more. Focusing on what she can handle every step at a time. As a people person she has continued to touch people through her work and businesses. creating products and services that eliminate people’s suffering.

Silk Me

Kimmie is the manager at Silk Me Kids Salon. The products at Silk Me Kids are effective and efficient needless to say customer friendly in terms of prices. They are recommended by many hair professionals when it comes to using them. Children are mostly not given that full attention to hair care, but with Silk Me Kids products, it is possible to revitalize and grow and maintain kids’ natural hair for fast-growing and healthy hair.

The online store is easy to navigate with all the products needed put in a single catalog so that everyone can easily browse and decide on what works for them. Everyone can get direction when they want different hair products so, they are not overwhelmed picking a child hair product. There is the Silk Me natural hair collection and Silk Me, Natural hair remedies and even teen hair collection. Gently browse the site for more info to get more info about the products. The products are properly labeled and described to help everyone discern what they need.

She has dedicated her time managing the store and kept improving the store over time. Her idea was a bit revolutionary in the industry. Silk Me Kids is known for its outstanding products. Silk Me Kids Salon’s main objective is to provide a creative and safe environment where children can be themselves. It came to the attention of many that it’s the only salon and spa in New Orleans that caters to children. It’s all about the little angels embracing their true selves.

Silk Me Kids Salon deals with various collections. It has a swim collection made up of a deep conditioning heat cap, a type of cap that one wears during swimming, swim bundle, and swim spray. There is also a line of baby products, which insist on Silk Me gentle baby all-natural shampoo wash bar, Silk Me gentle baby moisturizer, and silk me gentle baby wash set. All these baby products have positive feedback from users and thus are ranked as the perfect products for a newborn. The hair products are just amazing. All hair products are manufactured in the most stringent conditions to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Everyone can collect some baby care products for use with their baby, such as Peppermint wash set, ‘silk me kids’, growth oil, swim bundle, swim hair spray, the daily bundle, the koi collection, and the Tierra collection. They also deal with bonnets, face shields, and bratty bags.


Kimmie B is an ambitious lady with all these successful pull through in life, yet she stills archives more. Kimmie B has managed to receive accolades from all quarters due to her industry and skill. In addition to that, Kimmie B is also the owner of Quench Hair Care. Quench Hair Care deals with hair products for all hair types and focuses on giving everyone’s hair the perfect look that they love.

Quench hair is dedicated to getting the best hairstyle solutions to all hair problems. People of all hair types from A1 hair to 4C hair can get products and services tailored for the specific hair type. Quench me offers answers to all hair issues so no one have to. Everyone can get blowout services, first-time visit works, healthy hair care plan, hydrating leave-in mist, hydration set, moisture set, nourishing hair oil, ways to detangle hair eBooks, and many more products.

Order for  favorite high-quality hair care products from Quench hair care. There are 17 products in the catalog that have been curated by one of the most experienced hands in the industry. Customers can get free shipping at Quench hair store for any orders above $50. The product has gone through testing and has been used by Kimmie B and her clients so, everyone can rest assured they are getting quality at its best.

She has let her passion drive her and brought her creativity for all to see with innovative hair styling, hair care products and talent. She continues to pursue new avenues knowing that only the sky’s the limit. Everything worthwhile has to be sought diligently, and all obstacles overcome. Kimmie has dirtied her hand up in entrepreneurship, traveling agent, traveling, business management, and the prestigious film industry.

If indiviuals have any hairstyling need or product to give their hair a redo, they should not feel shy to visit either of her websites Silk Me Kids Hair Care Products or Hair by Kimmie B – Hair Stylist – New Orleans, Louisiana to experience a premium quality service at no additional costs.

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