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With 5G Era Approaching, Xilinx Ushers in the Market Opportunities

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With 5G Era Approaching, Xilinx Ushers in the Market Opportunities

July 16
21:11 2020

China’s 5G construction has been accelerating, and the number of 5G base stations is expected to exceed 500,000 in 2020. Because 5G technology is still in a state of rapid update, the base station must have sufficient flexibility to cope with the continuous optimization of technology, which provides a broad stage for programmable chips. As the world’s leading supplier of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays), Xilinx has also ushered in new development opportunities.

Xilinx is currently the world’s largest FPGA manufacturer and the inventor of FPGAs, programmable SoCs, and ACAP (Adaptive Computing Acceleration Platform). It is a veritable industry leader in terms of technology level and market share. Recently, Gilles Garcia, Marketing Director of Xilinx Communications, said in an online speech that Xilinx programmable chips are supported by a set of advanced software and tools that can help the ICT industry achieve flexible and rapid innovation. Xilinx provides the industry with a highly flexible processor technology, and all industries can promote their own digital transformation on this basis.

At present, the global FPGA market is about 7 billion US dollars, of which more than half are in the hands of Xilinx. In the field of programmable SoCs, Xilinx also occupies a very prominent advantage. Its 16-nanometer UltraScale+ multiprocessor SoC has been widely used, and has achieved large-scale deployment in 5G verification, test platforms and the previous stage of 5G construction. ACAP (Adaptive Computing Acceleration Platform) invented by Xilinx is also a programmable SoC, the main direction is the 5G equipment market. In 2018, Xilinx released the industry’s first ACAP chip, Versal. This chip, based on the 7-nanometer FinFET process, realized the combination of software programmability and hardware acceleration and flexibility in specific fields. Maintaining equipment flexibility during technology upgrades is critical.

According to Gilles Garcia, Versal ACAP is a highly integrated, multi-core, heterogeneous computing platform that can run on the core of 5G to perform complex real-time signal processing. Versal ACAP provides a very powerful software programmability, which can realize a variety of high-performance applications, such as the Versal AI engine can run 5G beamforming function, can support 400G, 800G optical network, 600G encryption engine can support high-strength security Application and so on. From a performance perspective, Xilinx Versal ACAP has a satisfactory performance, whether it is a sudden increase in data in AI, wired networks, or low latency and reliability of 5G.

Versal ACAP’s AI engine is essential for 5G beamforming applications. In modern wireless communication technology, beamforming is a highly complex technology that requires a huge amount of calculation, and the Versal AI engine provides sufficient computing power and adaptive capabilities for this purpose. In April 2020, Samsung announced the adoption of Xilinx Versal ACAP for global 5G commercial deployment, and believed that Versal ACAP would help Samsung build a universal, highly flexible, and scalable platform, so that a set of solutions could meet the needs of operators in various countries.

At present, it takes 2-3 years from the start to full-scale development of 5G construction, and the global deployment cycle is expected to take 5-7 years. Xilinx’s 16-nanometer UltraScale+ series products, including Zynq US+ MPSOC and Zynq US+ RFSOC, have won considerable market share in the first phase of 5G deployment in South Korea, North America, and China. In the next phase of 5G deployment, Xilinx ACAP products will win more market opportunities with advantages such as beamforming, artificial intelligence, higher integration, lower power consumption, and optimized high-frequency use cases.

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