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New Zealand’s latest research: EZZ brand NMN can enhance human immunity by its anti-virus property

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New Zealand’s latest research: EZZ brand NMN can enhance human immunity by its anti-virus property

February 22
02:04 2020

Novel coronavirus, pneumonia, influenza … The alternating season of winter and spring coincides with a high incidence of various respiratory infectious diseases. Many cases have shown that in the face of this certain diseases, the middle-aged and elderly people with poor immunity tend to be less able to resist the virus. Enhancing immunity can not only increase the human body’s own defense capabilities, and but also identify and eliminate the invasion of viruses and bacteria, to avoid infection.

Lately, the leader of the New Zealand Genetic Research Centre, the world’s leading life science research institution, was interviewed by the local media, and in this interview, he proposed a new way to use NMN products to improve immunity, resist virus infection and delay senility, aiming at the pain points of low immunity in middle-aged and elderly people, and from the perspective of gene repair science.

Breakthrough in New Zealand discovery

Supplementation of NMN can effectively improve human immunity

The leader mentioned above reported that the root cause of the disease or susceptibility of the human body to infection is that the DNA in the cells has been damaged. In the human body, there is a substance called NAD +, which can repair damaged cells, promote cell activation and regeneration, delay aging and avoid external bacterial infection. However, this substance will gradually decrease with age, which is one of the reasons why middle-aged and elderly people are weaker than young people.

“In other words, by increasing the content of NAD+ in human body, the body’s ability to resist viruses and infections can be improved.” The above-mentioned expert said that external supplements for the NAD+ cannot be absorbed by the human body because the molecular weight of NAD + is too large, therefore, supplementing the precursor substance of NAD+, NMN, to induce the production of a large number of NAD+ in vivo is an effective method recognized by the mainstream life science community.

How to choose NMN products?

The world’s first TGA certification NMN

The reporter learned that, as the world’s leading life science research institution, the New Zealand Genetic Research Centre has already started the industrialization research of NMN, and has made gratifying achievements. The EZZ brand NMN developed and authorized by the New Zealand Genetic Research Centre has recently won the Australian TGA certification, which is known as the most stringent food and drug administration (FDA) standard in the world.

In this regard, industry insiders said that 2019 is the year of the outbreak of NMN industry, with many NMN brands appearing in Japan, the United States and Hong Kong. However, the lack of standards and doubts about security have been the pain points of the NMN industry. In the case of US FDA certification, this standard applies to NMN products in the form of post-mortem filing system. At present, many products claim to have passed the FDA certification, and their certificates are marked as “self-certification”, which contains little gold content. Compared with the FDA certification in the United States, the TGA certification issued by the Australian Food and Drug Administration has the reputation of being the as the apex of the certification pyramid, and is the world’s most difficult FDA certification standards.

“From a certain point of view, the Australian TGA certification is synonymous with safety, reliability and effectiveness. Products that pass the Australian TGA certification are equivalent to getting the Australian government’s endorsement for the world’s most stringent regulation of medicines and health products. Currently in the NMN field, EZZ Brand NMN is the first brand to win the most difficult certification.”

It is reported that the reason why EZZ brand NMN has been approved by the Australian TGA is mainly based on the composite flash charging technology pioneered by the industry. Clinical trials have proven that after taking this product, NMN can be absorbed intact through the digestive system and entered the blood in 2-3 minutes, increase the NMN content in tissues within 15 minutes, rapidly increase NAD+ levels in blood, liver and other organs, thereby enhancing the vitality of the cells, activating the damaged immune cells, so as to delay aging, increase resistance, fight against the virus infection.

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